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Mark McLaughlin
Broker Associate - REALTOR®
Charles Rutenberg Realty

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Recognizing that you have so many choices in selling, buying, and investing in real estate, rest assured that the ease and success of your real estate desire will be dependent on the choice that you make.
One of those choices is, to have at your side, a Qualified, Approved, and Licensed real estate professional such as Real Estate Associate Broker Mark McLaughlin.  WHY?   Well, because Mark is, Qualified, Approved and Licensed as a real estate professional in both Florida and Massachusetts.  []
In addition, Mark has a bachelor of science degree in Geography from Florida State University.  And to better serve your real estate needs, Realtor McLaughlin has continued advancing his real estate education, by taking additional special real estate education.  Thus, earning him some hard to acquire prestigious real estate designations, such as Graduate Realtor Institute, ePRO, ICREA, SRES, RRC, AHWD, Realtor University, CAM, Tax Deferred-1031, RSPS, TRC, CBR, FMS.
An additional benefit, which you will receive by using McLaughlin as your Realtor, is the loyalty and commitment you will receive from him, just as he was loyal and committed to the US Army for over 20 years.  While some talk casually about “discipline” “teamwork”  “commitment”  “loyalty”  “can-do attitude” and “calmness under pressure”     Realtor McLaughlin experienced the true and absolute value of these characteristics and embodied them [] serving in the US Army.  These ingredients are necessary for accomplishing your real estate goals.  
The service took him to live, work and experience different cultures, thus, making him better, understand what it takes in making real estate moves, relocations, and changes.  Mark Learned how to work as a team to get the job done in the US Army, no matter the weather, no matter the circumstance and often with a lot riding on the outcome.  He will use this experience and philosophy to obtain your real estate outcome.
Realtor McLaughlin is also fluent in both the English and Spanish language, with a little touch of the Portuguese language.  Mark learned how to understand and appreciate diversity among people or cultures. This is a paramount necessity in the real estate field.  Besides that, Mark loves fishing, baseball, football, swimming, stamp, and coins collection.  Mark loves to volunteer his time to the community by performing free of charge-magic shows in hospitals, nursing homes, veteran [] ’s homes.         
Realtor McLaughlin will do what it legally takes to make your real estate needs become a reality, to the point that he will bring in re-enforcement of real estate assistance (if needed) from his pool of other associates Realtors within Charles Rutenberg Realty.  With all his other Realtors Associates, He is not alone in this endeavor, and neither will you be. 
Please feel free to explore this website for some free valuable real estate information, which could help you in your real estate plans.  And position you for great success, as you prepare in choosing the Realtor that is particularly adept at figuring out what is important to accomplishing the relevant tasks in working toward your real estate goal, without being di [] distracted by the hurdles that are often placed in the path of buying, selling and investing in real estate.
In short, Realtor Mark McLaughlin and his team of Realtors Associates can see the big picture clearly, while accomplishing your real estate needs, be that, residential, HUD, or investment properties.



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